Half Dome is a digital first, full-service media agency. Everything we do is powerfully pragmatic by design and is focussed on delivering real impact for our partners.

What we actually do.

Like every agency, we can do a lot of stuff.

But when push comes to shove, we can boil it down to five offerings

Media Strategy

Powerful Pragmatism

At Half Dome, we ensure that your media strategy is both creative and grounded in reality through our GABA process. We go beyond traditional media planning to analyze data, uncover insights, and develop tailored strategies that drive measurable results, maximizing your return on investment.

Incorporating elements of design thinking, our media strategies are always growing, ever learning.

We also have access to all the industry tools you would expect from a larger holding group – including Roy Morgan Audience Planner, Nielsen CMV, Nielsen Commspoint and WARC to name but a few.

Media Planning & Buying

Best in class planners, sitting right next to our activation team

We believe in a powerfully simple approach to media planning and buying. This involves diving into your consumer journey and identifying the most effective channel roles and KPIs based on their media consumption. To ensure a seamless process, our media activation teams are embedded into client teams, allowing us to maintain close contact with you.

Digital Maturity Development

Unlocking new capability

Continuous improvement is a cornerstone of working with Half Dome. Our digital maturity workflow ensures that  our clients unlock new capabilities, including working with first-party data, measurement platforms, and optimizing their technology stack. By adopting a long-term approach, we can help our clients achieve sustained success and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Built around the Google and Boston Consulting Group research, this roadmapping process is grounded in research

Creative Production

Experimentation at its core

Half Dome Creative offers specialised design resources to assist businesses with the production and optimisation of their paid advertisements in a cost effective way. Bringing the skills and resources to produce creative quickly and cost effectively (compared to creative agencies), as well as having the team sit with the media traders creates competitive advantage.

Search Engine Optimisation

Complementing Paid Search

Our centralised SEO team ensures that Half Dome clients have a total search strategy that is both efficient and effective. Our team of SEO specialists sit embedded into our client teams, ensuring total alignment and understanding for the role of SEO as part of a broader client ecosystem

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