Thicker Than Water: B&T Explores Adland’s Family Connections With Half Dome

B&T· ·December 13, 2023

Being arm-in-arm in business with family isn’t for everyone, but here at Half Dome, our three founders are exactly that. In a B&T exclusive, Half Dome brothers Tom and Joe Frazer reflect on family ties within the agency and their brotherly bond in running a booming business with best mate, Will Harms.

“I think it is a real point of difference… the strength of relationships and a deep understanding that goes beyond a couple of years of working together. We can find ourselves in lockstep without having to even align on things.”

Hear from the Frazers on everything from Half Dome’s ‘secret sauce’ (and no, this won’t help you in the kitchen), to the story of how the Frazer family pioneered a new way to celebrate Christmas.

Check out all that and more below!

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