Long Read – The frothy hunger for gaming advertising

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AdNews Australia· ·January 16, 2024

With the popularity of gaming continuing to rise, it’s becoming clear that this virtual playground is a powerful tool for marketers. The advertising world is catching on, but despite increased interest from consumers, many remain hesitant to act.

Half Dome Digital Lead Euan Macdonald, spoke to AdNews Australia about some of the opportunities and challenges of leaning into the gaming advertising space, saying, “New formats like shoppable, brand extensions and Metaverse actions continue to build out engaging inventory for advertisers to tap into,”

“Bespoke measurement solutions will allow advertisers to better understand how users engage with ads in formats and spaces that don’t tend to align with traditional advertising channels,”

Hear more from Euan and a range of other industry players in AdNews Australia‘s special three-part series covering gaming advertising. 🎮

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