Long Read – The real reason independents are trending to full service

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AdNews Australia· ·January 18, 2024

“Our creative proposition is tied directly to lower funnel testing, learning, and platform best practice. We leave the big stuff to the pros and love working closely with creative agencies,”

Our Co-Founder, Joe Frazer, spoke to AdNews Australia about Half Dome’s continuous focus on building products that service existing client needs, specifically our Creative offering, which is better influencing performance outcomes for a vast portion of Half Dome clients.

“Especially where messaging and call to actions were key in driving outcomes, we felt that having a resource tied directly to the team planning, optimising and activation of these media channels would be beneficial – the performance outcomes confirm this.”

Read more from Joe Frazer, Chris Fraser, Chris Parker, Jack Mason, and Jaime Nosworthy about the benefits of full-service independents below.

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