Media Agency Half Dome Launches New Brand Identity And Campaign Via By All Means

Joe Frazer·Co-Founder and Head of Growth ·December 12, 2023

Nine months ago, we engaged a team of talented creative professionals to transform the Half Dome brand, to emphasise the agency we’ve grown to become, our superpowers, and what we stand for.


We’re incredibly grateful for the pure dedication and collaborative efforts put into this body of work from By All Means, Untangld, Straight Out Digital and our internal creative team, with a special mention to Ed Howley, Mathew Cummings, Toby Cummings, Britt Manning, Jacob Redding, James Needham, Simon Blangiardo, Christian Fish, Olivia Fleming and Gabriel Olivieri.


Hear more about our creative rebrand process and explore the new Half Dome brand identity below, thanks to Campaign Brief.

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