Meet The Team – Half Dome’s rebrand to unlock the ‘Whole Potential’

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AdNews Australia· ·January 9, 2024

“That’s a nice, sweet spot where I think we can go head to head with holdcos, but we can still have a personality as an indie; we can not take ourselves too seriously and we can retain some of the gusto that makes Half Dome a bit different to some of the other places.”

Six months on since the launch of #WholePotential, our Co-founder and Head of Growth, Joe Frazer, reflects on the journey of repositioning Half Dome, and the rewards of doubling down on the superpowers that set us apart.

Don’t just take Joe’s word for it, hear from Tess LinkinsGabriel GrossmanChloe Leamon and Euan Macdonald on why they chose Half Dome, what they love about their role, and what challenges them the most.

Read more below thanks to Jason Pollock and AdNews Australia, and get to know our team!

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