The positive hiding in the ad spend slide

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AdNews Australia· ·December 13, 2023

The latest SMI data indicates a 5.5% dip in media agency bookings for the month of March, with an artificial data spike due to government spending. Despite the true reflection on ad spend of a 1.5% dip, many clients are still taking a cautious approach to ad spend.

Our Co-Founder and Head of Growth, Joe Frazer, had his say on the numbers and the outlook for advertisers, saying, “The next six months will be a good watch, the economy and inflation could have small, medium, or significant impacts on how we see clients investing, and I personally believe we might see ad spend enter a period more reflective of the global economy – which presents opportunity for intelligent clients and agencies.”

Read the complete analysis below, thanks to Chris Pash and AdNews Australia.

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